GNSO Working Groups - Newcomer Open House

ISPCP member Mikey O’Connor moderated a pilot session of a webinar intended to provide orientation, information and resources to members of the GNSO community who are joining a GNSO PDP Working Group for the first time.

Here’s a link to the slide deck that was presented — this PDF contains a wealth of links to written resources for working-group participants.

Newcomers Open House Slide Deck (updated version)

Here are links to videos of the session, which give a good sense of what an Adobe-chat working-group session is like.

Introduction, Tips and Tricks, Session Goals and Overview, Resources

In which you will; experience how we start up every working-group call, get an introduction to some tips and tricks of the Adobe room that we use, be introduced to the ICANN policy staff, get an overview of goals and topics of the session and get your first set of helpful links.  (20 minutes)

Consensus Policy and the “Picket Fence”

This is a discussion of the relationship between the GNSO consensus policy-making process and the contracts that bind Registries, Registrars and ICANN together. (7 minutes)

The GNSO Policy Development Process

An overview of the whole Policy Development Process (PDP).  This section quickly introduces you to all of the steps of the PDP; requesting an Issue Report, launching a Working Group, moving that work through the approval process, implementation into policy. (11 minutes) – Presentation (12 minutes) – Questions and Answers

PDP Working Group Guidelines

A brief introduction to the documentation that describes the PDP work processes, rules and responsibilities.  Special attention is paid to a discussion of the Standard Methodology for Making Decisions (also known as the level of consensus).  (7 minutes)

Question and Answer Session

A brief Q&A session that focused on the social media aspects of working groups.  (3 minutes)